A Cure for Gray Hair and Balding

Right when gray hair is making a come back, scientists have discovered what causes gray hair and balding! A study by UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas discovered that the KROX20 protein impacts hair color. The cells produce a protein called stem cell factor which is required for hair color. When the scientists deleted KROX20, the mice experienced balding. When the scientists deleted the stem cell factor gene, the mice grew white fur.

blonde hair with gray roots

Imagine not having to touch up your gray roots every four to six weeks! Imagine your hair growing in thicker and fuller! It would be amazing. Hopefully scientists can find more ways to stop the aging process.

Discovery by Accident

Professor Le was was experimenting and exploring how certain kinds of cancerous tumors form on nerves. Future research will include investigation of the KROX20 and stem cell factor gene decline in function in the aging process.


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