Shapewear Can be Harmful to Your Health

Shapewear, slimming and compression garments may make you look flat, smooth and help you squeeze into a form fitting dress but may be harmful to your health. Many physicians are explaining shapewear can lead to nerve damage, numbness, tingling and pain if worn daily for long periods of time. Constricting garments can slow down digestion and cause constipation as it compresses internal organs. If the shapewear is difficult to put on, it may prevent you from easily using the restroom which can lead to urinary tract infections. Compression on your organs affects your lungs from expanding all the way which makes breathing difficult. The constriction of shapewear can also lead to blood clots, varicose veins and lymph congestion. Shapewear compression worsens symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn.

women in shapewear garments

Dr. Karen Erickson said “You’ve got all of this pressure on your bladder from the shapewear pressing down. If you postpone urinating, it can cause stress incontinence, where you leak, or it can exaggerate stress incontinence with people who already have it.”

Types of Shapewear

  • Panties:  Shaping panties come in a variety of styles as some have shorts of varying lengths.  They smooth the waist, abdomen, butt and thighs.
  • Slip: A shapewear slip can smooth out your waist, hips, butt and legs along with eliminating panty lines. 
  • Shaping Slip with Open bust:  Shaping slip smooths bumps and lumps on the stomach, hips,  thighs and back while allowing the bust to remain uncompressed.
  • Camisole:  Slimming tank helps to smooth the muffin top, hips, abdomen and back.

If you do wear shapewear, make sure it properly fits and allows for proper blood flow and circulation.