5 Ways to Get Fit with Fido

Our furry friends can keep us accountable, make us look forward to working out and motivate us to stay active. You can get fit while bonding and strengthening your relationship with your best friend. Whether it’s a walk in the park, a hike in the hills, doggy yoga or a jog on the beach, our loyal companions can get and stay fit with us!

Get Fit with Your Dog

Get Moving with Your Dog

  1. Walk Your Dog.  Mix it up and take your dog on adventures.  Look for local dog friendly walking trails, scenic ocean front strolls, sandy beaches, greenbelts, river trails, nature walks, walking paths, parks, boardwalks, in the countryside or at an off the leash dog park.  Websites like bringfido.com offer lots of information and ideas on dog walking locations.  Walking can improve your fitness levels and reduce your risk of heart conditions.

  2. Jogging with Your Dog. Dogs love to run and feel the wind on their face. Grab the leash and hit the local park, local track, jog around your neighborhood or run on the beach. Start with short distances and work your way up adding a few minutes each time you go out. Be sure you stretch and you both get plenty of water afterwards.

  3. Doggy Yoga.  Who can do downward dog better than a dog?! Bring out your inner zen with doggy yoga. Yoga will help you both to increase flexibility, improve your metabolism, release tension, increase circulation and strengthen your muscles. Doggy yoga seems to work best with little dogs but big dogs can do it too. You can take a local class or try it at home.

  4. Play Fetch and Keep it Moving Play fetch with your dog and walk around the edges of the dog park. Continue to walk as your dog retrieves the ball so you’ll burn more calories and get in more steps. Do lunges and squats to pick up the ball.

  5. Doggy Boot Camp Fitness Classes  Get fit while taking an obedience class with doggy boot camp fitness classes. They incorporate cardio and weight training into an exercise class with your dog. At doggy boot camp you can get fit while strengthening your bond with your dog.

Be sure to consult with your physician before starting any new exercise routing and listen to your body. Know when to take a rest, slow down and drink some water.


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