50 Summer Outdoor Activity Ideas

Summer brings warm weather perfect for getting together with friends and family. These are things you can do this summer. Get outside, get moving and enjoy yourself.

Summer Outdoor Activities

  1. Have a barbeque.  Invite friends over or meet up at a local park or beach.  Grill up some burgers or steaks and sip on some cold drinks. 

  2. Freeze berries, lemon and mint in your ice cubes.  Put the ice cubes in some refreshing drinks and enjoy them outside.

  3. Make a watermelon keg.  Cut a hole in the top of the watermelon.  Scoop out the inside and separate the seeds.  Use a hand mixer to beat the scooped out watermelon into juice.  Put a spout for dispensing into the watermelon and pour the juice back in.  Put the lid you cut out back on. Enjoy some juice outside.

  4. Go swimming and lay out by the pool.  Take a dip, cool off and swim some laps. Use sunscreen, spf protection and lay out by the pool.

  5. Go on a bike ride.  Look up local bike paths or use a bike rack to drive your bike to some great paths and get riding.  Enjoy the summer breeze and bring some water and snacks with you.

  6. Go on a picnic.  Pack up a basket of sandwiches, fruit, crackers, drinks, napkins, books and a blanket.  Eat lunch in a park or on the beach and then lay on the blanket, read and watch the clouds.

  7. Go hiking and explore nature.  Enjoy the great outdoors by looking up local hiking trails online and then go on an adventure.

  8. Go camping.  Pack up sleeping bags, a tent, chairs, pillows, blankets, water, drinks and some food.  Roast marshmallows, listen to music and tell stories by the campfire.

  9. Go fishing.  Relax and catch some fish at a local lake, pier or river.

  10. Plant a garden.  Plant organic vegetables and fruit that you can nurture then eat later.

  11. Watch some street performers.  Explore some city walks, beach cities or shopping areas and stop to watch the street performers.

  12. Have a bonfire at a local beach or in a fire pit in your back yard if it’s allowed in your area.  Roast some marshmallows and make smores. 
  13. Go to an outdoor concert or music festival.  Enjoy some tunes in the summer breeze and make some memories.

  14. Have an early dinner party in your backyard.  Have some friends over and have some wine and talk as it gets dark.

  15. Read and relax.  Pick some books for summer reading and read the hardcopy or on your kindle or reader device.

  16. Eat meals outside.  Eat in your backyard, patio or front yard.

  17. Sleep outside in your back yard.  Use a tent or sleep under the stars.

  18. Wash your car in your driveway or at a self serve car wash.  Do it when your car can be in the shade if possible.

  19. Visit a local farmers market and buy some fresh produce.  Enjoy sampling local varieties.

  20. Play backyard games.  Play bocce ball, corn hole, or horse shoes.

  21. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon.  Enjoy the view from high in the sky.

  22. Visit your local zoo.  Wear your walking shoes and check out the monkeys, tigers, lions, elephants, bears and giraffes.

  23. Play Frisbee golf at a Frisbee golf park.  It is played like traditional ball golf but with flying discs instead of clubs.

  24. Take your dog to a dog park or dog beach.  Let your dog run and play with other dogs, get some sun and enjoy being outside.

  25. Go whale watching.  Take an ocean journey to see some marine life.

  26. Take a walk before breakfast and after dinner.  Notice what flowers are blooming and the different smells in the air.

  27. Visit a state park.  You can look up “state parks near me” in a search engine to find the closest state parks to visit.

  28. Watch the sunrise.  Notice the morning sounds, smells and colors.

  29. Host a movie night in your backyard and invite your friends over. 

  30. Play miniature golf at night and work on putting. 

  31. Go to an outdoor yoga class at the park or beach.

  32. Go to an amusement park.  Ride the roller coasters and people watch.

  33. Go to a baseball game.  Take some friends and catch a fly ball.

  34. Make a scrapbook.  Print out some pictures and put them in a book.

  35. Go to an outdoor paint and wine night.  Paint on a canvas, learn how to paint and have some wine.

  36. Have some friends over and play some board games in your backyard. Pick some games with minimal rules or games that your friends know to keep things simple.

  37. Host a poker night in your backyard.  Serve some drinks and snacks and have some fun.

  38. Write in a journal.  Sit in the sun and write out your thoughts so you can later read and reflect upon it.

  39. Have a backyard costume party.  You could have a luau, Americana, fiesta, beach, toga, 80s, or 90s party.

  40. Bake some cookies.  Sugar, peanut butter, and oatmeal cookies are great in the summer sun.

  41. Blow bubbles or use a bubble machine in your backyard.

  42. Win a prize at the county fair.  Play some games and have some fun.

  43. Make fresh lemonade.  Use organic lemons, organic cane sugar and purified spring water. Enjoy it outside.

  44. Take a road trip adventure.  Have a destination or figure one out on the way. Stop and do some sight seeing along the way.

  45. Visit a botanical garden.  Check out plants from all over the world and enjoy nature.

  46. Make a list of all the places you’d like to travel to in your lifetime.

  47. Attend a fireworks show.  Be sure to stay for the grand finale.

  48. Host a summer potluck.  Summer salads, fresh diced fruit, appetizers, side dishes, beverages and a few main dishes are plenty.

  49. Host a cook-off in your backyard.  Have your friends and family all bring some of the same dishes and have a tasting contest.  Chili, barbeque, hot wings, ribs, potato salad, cupcakes, brownies, and pies are classic favorites.

  50. Go on a cruise.  Soak in the sun, enjoy live entertainment and relax on the open sea.